10 Myths Hindering Your Social Media Marketing

10 Myths Hindering Your Social Media Marketing

If you are struggling to grow your wellness practice, social media may seem daunting. However, when used strategically, it can be a game-changer for reaching potential clients.

Let’s debunk some myths that may be holding you back:

  1. Clients Are Not on Social Media
    While some aren’t active users, many turn to social platforms to find practitioners. Having an online presence is key.
  2. It Will Consume Your Life
    With planning and automation, social media can fit into your schedule. I can help you create a manageable plan tailored to your goals.
  3. It Replaces Other Marketing
    Your website, emails and blogging are still critical but social media is not all you need. Think of it as complementing your other marketing efforts.
  4. It Yields Instant Results
    Growing an audience and presence takes consistency over time. Be patient and stick with it.
  5. It’s Only For Younger Clients
    People of all ages use social media. Identify where your target clients are most active and post on those channels.
  6. More Posts Are Better
    Thoughtful content provides more value than frequent, meaningless posts.  Focus on quality over quantity.
  7. You Need Advanced Skills
    Platforms are fairly intuitive. Let me show you how to create customized content tailored to your level and needs, easily and efficiently.
  8. You Must Be on Every Platform
    Excel on just one or two platforms that best reach your clients. If you want to show up on more channels, create one post and schedule it across all your channels with tools like Hubsuite or Zoho Social. 
  9. It’s Too Expensive
    Your time and education are the main investments. Once you know where to go and define the process for streamlining and scheduling content, you are on your way.
  10. Vanity Metrics Matter Most
    100 engaged followers are better than 1,000 inactive ones.  If you spray and pray, you won’t build relationships that help you grow.  Build relationships on a few channels and you will extent your reach.

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